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Premier Urgent Care in Carolina Beach

At Pleasure Island Health you will find the care you need, provided by dedicated, experienced medical professionals.

Our practice is independently and locally owned and operated.

Urgent Care

At Pleasure Island Health we know time is important to you. When you or a loved one is not feeling well...

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Did your fishing partner catch YOU with his fish hook? We can release you in no time.

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Pleasure Island Health offers on-site state of the art universal positioning X-Ray imaging.

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Skin Complaints/Conditions

Can’t identify that pesky rash? Spend too much in the sun?

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Are seasonal allergies, the flu, or a urinary tract infraction making you miserable?

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Urine Drug Screening

Pleasure Island Health has an immunoassay analyzer on site and can easily and conveniently provide urine drug screen (UDS) analysis at a competitive rate.

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Latest Reviews

  • Carl B. Blackmon

    Chris and Staff...You are pleasant, friendly and caring. We drive 62 miles one way to see you for pain management. You have always listened and care about my health. Thank you so much and may God bless all of you. I give you 5 Stars.

  • Anne Eavener

    I Highly recommend Pleasure Island Health! Everyone there is so friendly, welcoming and professional. You never have to wait long, even as a walk-in! Yet Chris takes his time to listen, truly listen, to you to provide the best medical care. And that's because he really does care. He is by far one of The Best medical providers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has really been a Godsend to me and my husband! Thank you to Chris, Angela and 'the girls' for all you do...It is truly appreciated!!

  • Mike H

    My wife and I looked for an urgent care center on the island last week and found this practice. My wife was having strep throat issues and I took her in to get checked. It took around 5 minutes to get in the back and the nurse and doctor were super nice. Even tho the strep test was negative the doctor provided a prescription for strep and my wife was better the next morning. Highly recommended!

  • Cliff Eggert

    Excellent medical care, wonderful staff, efficient, and timely. The doctor does in depth research and case studies to ensure proper diagnosis and aligning treatments. Would recommend to anyone that needs help in the emergency and pain management realm. They do other treating, look up to see what they can help you with. If you fit the bill, help is available.

  • Debbi Mellor

    I have been using this office almost since they have been open, you could not ask for a friendlier and more professional staff. And Chris Farmer really cares about all his patients, I have never felt rushed in & out. He is a very caring person when it comes to his patients, you can just tell it when you talk with him. I’m so glad he accepted me as a patient.

  • Wanda Norris

    I have been seeing Chris Farmer for over 4 years. Chris is great he listens and understands and explains things to you. His wife Angela is great. All the team treats you good and so friendly. My husband goes to him now and really likes them. Wish I could have him for a medical doctor.

  • Dennis Eavener

    I have been going to pleasure island health for many years. Dr Farmer is one of those doctors who really listens to what you say. The staff is wonderful and greets you with a smile every time.

  • Donald Gowan

    A good place to get your meds refilled. A dam good doctor to talk with. A fine staff to talk with. A no nonsense atatude. Always taking time to listen to their patients. Well done. Mr. Framer. Thank you. All. Donald Gowan.

  • Robin Trivette

    Dr. Cris is a kind, compassionate and caring doc. He also has a great since of humor. The staff is wonderful and caring also.

  • Bug Shaw

    Great Dr. And wonderful staff and wonderful people too help you. (2 Thumps up)

  • Karen Cable

    Great place to go the staff always friendly and the appointments are always on time. He always has time to talk to each patients. And stay up to date on medication knowledge. We just love going here.

  • Melisa Matthews

    Been a patient for a little over 3 years now and so thankful for Chris and his staff. Miserable with pain and not much quality of life for more than 15 years, got very tired of doctors that did not care or listen.... Dr. Farmer always listens and most importantly acts like he cares. The staff is wonderful! They are always friendly and go above and beyond. My calls are always returned the same day. If I have any questions or concerns they are handled the same day. That is very important to me. My medications are always correct and called in or sent in to pharmacy. My family doctor was horrible about refilling medications, over 3 hour wait and wasn't even in room 5 mins. He was basically negligent in every way possible a doctor could be! Dr. Farmer became concerned and took over my full medical care and I couldn't be more pleased!! He is so easy to talk to and I appreciate the time he takes with me. Always returns calls (even when I was out of town in Daytona Beach, FL on a weekend) I never feel rushed and most importantly HE LISTENS. I have been suffering for a long time with a lot of back and neck issues and he actually cared and took time to listen to "me" and did not stop until he found combination of meds that helped my pain. He's straight up and I like that. I'm always honest with him and he's honest with me. I feel so blessed that I'm under the care of Dr. Farmer. Too many years wasted on Drs not listening and being in pain with no relief. When all along I had a fracture, herniated discs, bulging disc, disc disease from my cervical all the way to lumbar S1. Pains that shoot down both legs, right arm constantly drops things and a synovial cyst that formed on L5 that became so large it started pushing on spinal cord and root sleeve. For years I tried to explain and express how much I hurt, even to the point that i didn't care if I lived. I'm 39 years old and ive been hurting like this since I was 23. Today I am 3 weeks post op from my back surgery and I am happy that I can already tell a difference. It's going to be a long road (1 year until fully fused) but as long as I am under Chris Farmer's care I will be just fine. You don't appreciate a good doctor and staff until you've had some bad ones.

  • Brandon Poirier

    Best place to get care for pain! Farmer and his staff are the best.

  • Teresa Taylor

    It's nice to feel like a person again at a Dr's Office.

  • Madeline Langley

    Chris Farmers' credentials and experience bring him to the forefront of an expert in pain management. His rapport with his patients epitomizes top quality of care.

  • Diana Gardner Coats

    I have been with Chris since he was with orthowilm. He is the best medical provider I have ever been to. He and his staff are very professional. He always takes his time and listens to you and helps in any way possible. Don't know how i would ever get through day to day without Chris Farmer.

  • Anita Campbell

    I’ve seen a ton of doctors, but Farmer was the only one who ever read my ENTIRE record when I first met him (at another practice). He’s extremely knowledgeable and he’s my go to for any random questions I have about my health (beyond the pain). Go here if you can. He’s a good guy. Talks to you like a real person.

  • Sarah Ward

    Dr. Farmer and his staff are wonderful! I was with Dr. Farmer before he opened his own practice and, even though my insurance doesn't cover it, I made it a point to go back to him, if that tells you anything. It was worth it for the care and professionalism I was shown. He has treated me for a few years and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my pain management but him.

  • Sharon Warren

    Pleasure Island Pain Management and Chris Farmer have been a life saver for me. My back pain has gotten progressively worse with age. At a prior facility, I experienced no empathy and was always made to feel like I was trying to "beat the system." I don't take medication because I want to, I take it because I have to work and support myself! Chris Farmer understands that and has always been empathetic to my situation. He's the best!

  • Pat Walton

    This the best pain clinic I have been acquainted with.Not only is Chris empathic to my health problems,but is a kind and patient man.I feel very safe with my care and treatment.

  • JoAnna Milto

    It is rare these days to find healthcare professionals whom you truly believe are very qualified, care about you and your quality of life. It was a long journey to get where I am today under his care and am grateful to be here.

  • Liberty Woods

    Absolutely love Chris Farmer and his staff. He has helped me so much. I've been seeing him for almost 2 years and he's never let me down.

  • Libby Rash

    Love you chris and wish you all the brst in your new venture I miss you. You helped me tremendously when you were here in goldsboro.

  • David Williams

    Chris is a very knowledgeable and professional Dr. He has helped me for several years manage a back injury. Highly Recommended!!

  • Kim Brewer

    I'm glad I was able to find Chris and his staff when he opened his new place, what a relief it has been.

  • Debbie Evans

    Chris Farmer is very compassionate and knowledgeable medical provider. Very pleased with the care he provides for our family.

  • Chris Cumber

    Chris is very professional and compassionate Dr.

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